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Information leaflets

The patient information is provided by the International Urogynaecological Association (IUGA) as a PDF download or website link.  Please feel free to read information relevant to you, and contact us if you would like more information about our expert care and treatment.

Prolapse surgery

Anterior Vaginal Repair

Posterior Vaginal Repair

Surgical Recovery



Laparoscopic Vault Suspension

Vaginal Hysterectomy for Prolapse

Sacrospinus Fixation (Vaginal Hitch)

Conservative management of prolapse

Low dose vaginal Estrogen

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Vaginal Pessary

Urinary incontinence

Bladder Diary

Bladder Training

Continence Pads and Perineal Care

Botox for overactive bladder

Burch Colposuspension

Sling operation for incontinence

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Pre and post-surgery information


eAdmissions are available for any patients admitted at either Flinders Private Hospital or Ashford Hospital.


Please read the recovery guide following Vaginal Repair Surgery/ Vaginal Hysterectomy.

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If you are interested in making an appointment with us, please visit our Appointments page for details regarding referrals, information to bring to your first appointment, and location.

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